Halloween Nails | Scary?

I actually didn't plan this mani. I was just playing around with some paint. It was supposed to be a scary mani but I find the result quite funny. On my index finger it's supposed to be a bat but it looks like a rabid cat. I guess that's okay for Halloween.

I started with some grey polish and a coat of glitter. Tha was my mani for today.
-Grey: LAYLA no. 152-
-Glitter: KIKO no. 273-

Then I used black, white and yellow paint to make various drawings. I draw (in case you can't see clearly) a graveyard on my thumb, a bat on my index, a "scary" castle on my ring finger and some bats on my ring finger and pinky. I really like the little bats, I could do a many of them alone!

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