Kpop Nails | T-ara's Yayaya Inspired Nails

A nail art inspired by T-ara's outfits.

Apply your base coat. Apply a light yellow polish.
-LAYLA 101-

With pink paint make a zig-zag stripe in the middle.

With red paint make a smaller zig-zag stripe in the middle.

Make a thin line with ivory paint in the middle of the nail.

With some blue paint make a zig-zag stripe in the lower part of your nails.
I used a light blue paint but a darker shade would be better.

Make a green zig-zag stripe on the tip of your nails.

Apply your top coat to add shine and to protect the paint.

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  1. Aww I love it!! I tried doing a Ya ya ya ya nail mani before but it didn't turn out that great haha. I love yours!