mi-ny 251 I Love SEUL

I admit that I bought this polish more for the name than the color (it was either him or I Love TOKYO!!).
When I applied it for the first time I totally changed my mind. I don't really love purples but this color is so unique and pretty!!
It's a purple base with hints of brown and it has an almost jelly finish. The first coat is very sheer but with the second you get full coverage. The only fault I can find it, is that the string glitter is very sparse and hard to apply evenly, everything else is just perfect.
It doesn't dry smooth so you will need a good top coat.

Brand: mi-ny
Line: Glitters
Name: I Love Seul
Number: 251
Color: brownish purple
Finish: glitter
Coats: 2
Price: € 3,50



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