essence Fruity Trend Edition

Fruity is the new Trend Edition by Essence.
I bought four nail polish shades and the scented top coat.

Scneted Top Coat #01 Smells Like Strawberry
Sealing Top Coat #01 Fruit Punch To Go
#01 Banana Joe
#02 Peach Beauty
#03 Very Cherry
#04 One Kiwi A Day
#05 Mashed Berries

The Scented Top Coat is called Smells Like Starwberry but the smell reminds me more of candies than strawberries. 
I like it, the smell is quite strong so I usually don't apply it on all the nails. After one day the smell starts to fade and after three or four days it's almost gone.
It's still really fun.
  • Name: Smells Like Strawberry
  • Number: 01
  • Price: € 2.49

Peach Beauty is a sheer creme. I really like the color but unfortunately it's way too sheer for me and it also doesn't flatter my skintone.

  • Name: Peach Beauty
  • Number: 02
  • Color: peach
  • Finish: sheer creme
  • Coats: 3
  • Price: € 2.29



Very Cherry is a pink shimmer base with fine purple glitter. It's very similar to Mashed Berries. Very Cherry is more orange while Mashed Berries is more purple.
It's a bit sheer but with three coats you can get enough coverage. The formula is good and the glitter spread evenly.
This color is my favorite of this TE.
  • Name: Very Cherry
  • Number: 03
  • Color: pink
  • Finish: glitter
  • Coats: 3
  • Price: € 2.29



One Kiwi A Day is green shimmer base with fine dark green glitter. This color is my second favorite. The formula is the same as Very Cherry and it's good. The glitter doesn't show up much in real life but I still like it.

  • Name: One Kiwi A Day
  • Number: 04
  • Color: green
  • Finish: glitter
  • Coats: 3
  • Price: € 2.29



Mashed Berries is a pink creme base with purple glitter. It doesn't have a shimmer like Very Cherry and One Kiwi A Day but the difference is subtle. The formula it's a bit more watery than the other polishes but it's still good.
  • Name: Mashed Berries
  • Number: 05
  • Color: pink
  • Finish: glitter
  • Coats: 3
  • Price: € 2.29



Overall: I like this collection. One Kiwi A Day is perfect for summer. Very Cherry and Mashed Berries are very similar so probably you don't need both. The scented top coat is fun and original so you can give it a try!

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