L'oreal - Bling Bling Bang

This nail polish is part of the Color Riche Carat Collection. There are four polish in total and I bought Bling Bling Bang and Sequin Explosion.

It's really difficult to get color accurate pictures with this polish. In real life Bling Bling Bang is a lot more purple. When I bought it I was sure it was purple, until I put it on my nails!
Bling Bling Bang has a jelly base with LOTS of glitter of differet sizes.

With a jelly base I was expecting tons of layers to get an opaque colour but I was wrong.
In the pictures you cas see two coats of polish. The polish is a bit thick because of all the glitter but it dries quite quickly.
It dries matte and uneven, with a rough surface.

I absolutely love this polish, it's super sparkly and beautiful! Now I'm really curious to try its "brother" Sequin Explosion.

Below I applied two coats of top coat to get a shiny and even surface. It's even better!

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