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*Sorry if my English in this post isn't perfect but English is not my language and I'm also in a hurry*

This are some polish I bought in the past few days. I'm still waiting to go to the KIKO store because there are a couple of colors that I want.

This are some polish that I bought at the drugstore last week.
They are from the basic brand that I really like lately. I bought two silver because they are extremely small. I also bought a pen for the cuticules that I really like but I will talk about it more later.

Today my mom went to town and, even if I really hate to wake up early, I decided to go with her. It was a while since I went there and I wanted to visit my favourites shops for polish.
I came home with a lot of them but they were so cheap and so beautiful!
My mom was about to faint when in the first shop I grabbed 7 polishes!
Now I will talk a little about them: (I didn't have the time to try them on my nails so my impressions are from what I see in the bottles)
  • 2 MAYBELLINE FOREVER STRONG: No.535 Runway Red and No.810 Chic Gold. The red one is a red creme with a bit of orange. The gold one is gold shimmer but it's not very bright is more muted gold.
  • 1 L'OREAL Resist & Shine TITANIUM No. 502 Ribes Nero {black currant}. It's a very dark color, almost black, with some red reflex.
  • 1 DEBORAH 7 Days Long No.765. I already have a wonderful emerald green of the same brand and I really love it, so when I saw this blue I had to buy it! There was also a grey color but it wasn't that appealing. It's an electric blue shimmer.
  • 1 MAYBELLINE EXPRESS FINISH No.248 Igloo Blue. This one was totally unexpected! A sheer light blue base with gold glitter. I never tought I would see this color in Italy.
  • 1 DEBORAH SOLVENTE CUTICOLE {cuticle solvent}. I haven't tried this so I can't say anything.
  • 2 LAYLA: No. 101 and No. 50. They are beautiful pastel colors, they remind me of lemon and peach sorbets.
  • 1 DEBORAH 7 Days Long MIRROR GLOW No. 156. This one was in a special package (see pictures below) with a lipstick of the same color. I already bought one of this "hearts" in November with a purple polish and lipstick. I'm wearing the purple polish right now so I will add swatch and pictures soon! It's amazing so check it out!
(the heart package with polish and lipstick)
(the inside: in the package there is also a flower brooch/hair pin but I didn't like it so I trew it away)
(The two lipsticks: No. 06 Orange and No. 03 Purple)
  • 1 MAYBELLINE Colorama No.54 Cherry Sweet. A sheer magenta base with a lot of multicolored glitter. It's the first time I see this line and I have to say that there were a lot of great colors. I wanted a lot of them but I had to choose one!
  • 1 BOTTEGA VERDE No. ??? Beige Perla Luce {beige pearl light- strange name!}. It's a shimmer nude/beige color with gold reflex.
If the beauty of this polish wasn't enough to make me buy them, they had to be very cheap too!!
MAYBELLINE, L'OREAL, DEBORAH and BOTTEGA VERDE are all brands that usually cost around €6/7. But in these shops I found them for €3/4.
Since the release of the L'OREAL Resist&Shine polishes I wanted to try them but they were €9 or more!! But today I spend only €5 for my L'OREAL polish. The only let down was that there was only one color but probably they will stock new colors later.
The MAYBELLINE Forever Strong polishes were €4 and the Express Finish was €3.
The DEBORAH polishes were €3 too! The first heart box I bought in November was €6 but the one I bought today was €5 in total (usually the polish alone is €6.20!)
The LAYLA and Colorama polish where €3 but I don't know the usual price.
The polish from BOTTEGA VERDE is at full price €7.99 but I found them in promotion at €1.99. Unfortunately there weren't that much colors, only pearl white and pink.
Today I'm really satisfied!!

I leave you with a cute pic of my cat that I accidentally made while taking pictures of today haul!
She is totally black so it's hard to see her face!!
(I noticed that a lot of people who have a polish/nail blog have cats, is this a coincidence or there is more behind it?!)

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