Kpop Nails | DAL★SHABET's Pink Rocket Nails {Part 2}

This is the second part of DAL★SHABET's nails.
In the first post I showed you the manis the girls are actually wearing while in this part I will show you the nails inspired by their outfits.

The first outfit is the one that I call the "SILVER ALIEN".
The girls are wearing tight silver dresses with hot pink details and purple wigs.
I tried a few different nail design inspired by this outfit but in the end I opted for a simple one where the colors are the protagonists!

-Silver: basic 41-
-Hot Pink: KIKO 283 + KIKO 251-
-Purple: AVON Violet-

I love the colors of these outfits, very summer-ish.
Out of six girls I picked only five for my nails. I left out Ah Young (second from the right) because I don't like red and pink together.
I made a little step-by-step tutorial about this mani since every nail is different and it can get a little tricky.

Step 1: paint two of you nails with yellow polish and all the other ones with white polish.
-Yellow: KIKO 279 Giallo-
-White: basic 35-

Step 2: with orange, pink and black polish make some stripes on two of your white nails, one with bigger stripes and the other with thin ones.
-Orange: KIKO 280 Arancione-
-Pink: KIKO 290 Magenta Scuro-
-Black: Deborah Shine TECH 30-

Step 3: on the only left white nail make a turquoise french.
On one of your yellow nails paint the two external parts with orange polish. On the other one make a "ruffian manicure" with red polish.
-Turquoise: RIMMEL 60 Seconds 819 Green With Envy-
-Orange: KIKO 280 Arancione-

Step 4: As final touch with red polish and a fine brush make some horizontal and vertical stripes under the turquoise french.
With black polish add a french on your yellow/orange nail and two vertical stripes to divide the color blocks.
-Black: Deborah Shine TECH 30-

The third and final look is the one I like the best.
This look is easy to obtain but it takes a few steps so I made another small tutorial.

(In the pictures my pink polish came out too red, in real life it was more true to the dresses color)

Step 1: paint two of your nails with hot pink polish and the other with a deep blue shimmer polish.
-Pink: KIKO 283 Rosa Corallo Scuro-
-Blue: KIKO 299 Verde Ardesia Scuro Perlato-

Step 2: take the same blue polish you applied earlier and a purple glitter and mix them on your nails. Apply a few drops of each color on your nails and mix them with a dotting tool. If it gets to dry add some clear polish.
-Blue: KIKO 299 Verde Ardesia Scuro Perlato-
-Purple: KIKO 278 Constellation Purple-

Step 3: Sponge some white and silver polish on the corners of your nails.
-White: basic 35-
-Silver: basic 41-

Step 4: add glitter to your liking. I first applied a coat of fine multicolored glitter. Then added only in a few parts of the nail two polish with greenish and gold sequins.
-Fine glitter: Catherine Arley 128-
-Greenish sequines: KIKO 170-
-Gold sequins: KIKO 231 Multicolor Paillettes Sparkle Touch-

It's already pretty as it is so if you want you can stop here with your galactic nails!

Step 5: if you have enough manual abilities you can draw a cute pink rocket on your thumb.
I used light pink paint as a base and then with polish I made the contours and filled in the small parts.
I really like my small personal rocket!!

As a bonus here's a picture of my kitty who likes to sleep on my sketchbook while I do my nails. Luckily she is still small so I can catch a glimpse of my drawings while she sleeps peacefully.

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