Celeb Nails | DAL★SHABET's Pink Rocket {Part 1}

DAL★SHABET is a Korean girl group who debuted in January.
"Pink Rocket" is their second song. I'm still not sure if I like the song or not but the video surely gave me a lot of inspiration.
It wasn't easy to figure out all the girls' nails just looking at the video so in some occasions the manis might not be exactly the same as the original.

It took me a lot of time to do all the manis and edit the pictures but I had fun so I hope you'll like it!!

*Sorry if some pics are a bit blurry but I suck at taking pictures with my left hand!*

I had to split the post in two because there are a lot of pics. In this first part I will show you the manis the girls are actually wearing in the music video, in the second part there are manis inspired by their outfits.

Ah Young's nails are really simple, just blue and orange polish alternating.
I love blue and orange together so I really like her nails.

-Orange: KIKO 280 Arancione-
-Blue: Deborah 7 Days Long 829-

Ga Eun's nails are a bit different from all the other girls'. Instead of using pastel and bright colors she opted for a silver gradient french (at least that's what it seems to me!).
I used a sheer silver polish as a base, then I sponged a metallic silver on the tip and finished the look with some silver glitter. I love how it turned out, this is my favorite mani!

I realized that, even if I really like gradient french, I don't make them often so I will definitely make this again. Unfortunately my right hand nails broke right after finishing this manis so I'll have to wait a bit!!

-Sheer Silver: Deborah Shine TECH 22-
-Metallic Silver: basic 41-
-Silver Glitter: Catherine Arley 128-

It was hard to replicate Ji Yul's nails because I still have to find a decent baby pink polish, they're always too light or too dark.
I opted for an almost nude pink because I wanted to make the hearts pop out, but if you have a nice baby pink polish that would be better.
After applying the base I just free-handed the little hearts.

-Nude: Deborah Sense TECH 02-
-Lilac: essence colour & go 27 No More Drama-

Serri's nails are totally cute on her but look weird on me, probably because my hearts look like blobs of color.
After applying lilac and yellow polish draw some red hearts.

-Lilac: essence colour & go 27 No more Drama-
-Yellow: KIKO 279 Giallo-

Su Bin's nails were the hardest to figure out so I had to make it up a bit.
The base colors are baby blue and baby pink (again, I don't have a baby pink, sorry).
Her nails are not plain but I still can't figure out if she has some dots on them or if there are sequines.
I decided to apply some multicolored sequines on the blue nails and I really like how it turned out!

-Nude: Deborah Sense TECH 02-
-Blue: KIKO 159-

Vikki's nails were easy to figure out and also a lot of fun to do because with a little effort you can achieve an eye-catching look.
After applying all the different colors on your nails use white and black polish to dot them.
It's easy, fun and quick!!

-Green: KIKO 296 Verde Prato-
-Orange: KIKO 280 Arancione-
-Blue: KIKO 295 Azzurro Ceruleo-
-Yellow: KIKO 279 Giallo-
-White: basic 35-
-Black: Deborah Shine TECH 30-

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