It's finally spring time so it's time to put flowers on our nails!

This nail art requires a bit of manual ability especially to paint your right hand but the result is worth it!

I took inspiration from this nail art.
(I think it's from the spring issue of Nail Venus but I'm not so sure!)

Step 1: apply your base coat.
-Base Coat: KIKO White strong&shiny 05-

Step 2: with a fine brush paint the shape of the flowers and fill in the tip.
Alternate purple, lilac and glitter pink polish.
-Purple: essence nail art twins 01 Thelma-
-Lilac: essence colour&go 27 No More Drama-
-Pink: KIKO 241 Rosso Lampone Multicolor-

Step 3: with a silver striper draw the contour of the petals.
-Silver: essence nail art striper 03 Silver Surfer-

Step 4: with a dotting tool and the purple polish add small dots.
When the dots are PERFECTLY dry apply your top coat.
-Purple: essence nail art twins 01 Thelma-
-Top Coat: KIKO Shiny 03-


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