Another flower-y tutorial. I really love this types of nail art and they are really easy.

For this mani I took inspiration from a nail art in the April issue of Nail Max.

Step 1: apply yor base coat.
-Base Coat: KIKO White strong&shiny 05-

Step 2: paint two of your nails with a nude polish.
I used my middle finger and pinky on my left hand and my index and ring finger on the right, but you can choose any combination that you like.
Paint all the other nails with pink polish.
-Nude: basic 05-
-Pink: KIKO 314 Ciclamino-

Step 3: with a flat brush and some white paint draw the petals of the flowers on the nails you painted with nude polish. Let it dry.

Step 4: with a dotting tool and some yellow polish make a big dot in the middle of the petals.
-KIKO 279 Giallo-

Step 5: with a smaller dotting tool and the pink polish make four small dots between the big flowers.
-Pink: KIKO 314 Ciclamino-

Step 6: when the dots are PERFECTLY dry apply your top coat. On the nails with the flowers I applied two coats to protect more the paint.
-Top Coat: KIKO Shiny 03-


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