Jpop Nails | Amuro Namie's NEW LOOK Inspired Nails

This mani is inspired by the outfits Namie is wearing in her video for "NEW LOOK".

Step 1: paint one of your nails white, another one light blue and all the other ones with a light pink polish.
-White: basic 35-
-Light Blue: KIKO 159-
-Pink: Deborah Sense TECH 02-

Step 2: make a red french on your white nail, a silver french on your blue nail and a black french on one of your pink nails. On the other two nails paint two horizontal grey stripes.
-Silver: basic 41-
-Grey: LAYLA 152-

Step 3: add black stripes below the grey ones. Add four black dots on your ring finger and silver dots on your middle finger. On your index make some fine stripes with black paint and a thin brush.
-Black: Deborah Shine TECH 30-
-Silver: basic 41-

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