Swatch: Deborah Sense TECH No. 10

New polish from the MAT serie of Deborah.
When I saw this polish in the bottle I new it was going to be gorgeous and I was right!!!

This polish has a velvet finish and it reminds me of the Suede collection by OPI. It's very opaque, I used two coats in the pictures but you can get away with a thick one. The formula is great and it doesn't dry too quickly or too slowly.

The only HUGE problem of this polish is that it stains the skin really badly when you remove it!
The nails are fine but all around the cuticles you will look like a smurf.
I had this problem before with other blue polishes but with a bit of acetone and a lot of patience I could remove all the blue, but with this one it was impossible. It took two days for my skins to return to its original color. (you can see a pic below of my nails AFTER I used a lot of acetone!!)


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2 commenti:

  1. Sei specializzata nei Deborah!
    È ormai un po' di tempo che ti leggo, e ne trovo sempre tanti :>
    Ottimo lavoro.

  2. La verità è che ogni venerdì vado a fare la spesa con mia mamma e al supermercato c'è un meraviglioso stand Deborah che è sempre troppo invitante per lasciarmelo scappare e torno spesso a casa con qualche nuovo smalto. Ecco perchè ne ho così tanti!