Kpop Nails | Girls' Generation's Show! Show! Show!

These nails are inspired by the outfits Girl's Generation wore in one of their performances for the song "Show! Show! Show" on SBS Inkigayo / Popular Song.

Step 1: apply your base coat.
Paint your nails white. Apply second coat if needed.
-White: basic 35-

Step 2: draw a black half moon onthe lower part of your nails.
-Black: Deborah Shine TECH 30-

Step 3: with yellow, red and blue polish make some horizontal stripes on the white polish.
If you use the same brush for all the three colors start from the lightest.
When dry apply your top coat.
-Yellow: KIKO 279-
-Red: Essie 708 Red Nouveau-
-Blue: Deborah 7 Days Long 829-

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