Another cute nail art tutorial for Valentine's Day.

What you need: a thin brush, a dotting tool.


  • Base Coat: KIKO White strong&shiny No.05
  • Pearl White: Broadway No.17
  • Bright Pink: KIKO No.277
  • Gold: basic No.309
  • Light Pink: KIKO No.247
  • Top Coat: Seche Vite
How to:
  1. Apply your base coat.
  2. Apply a pearl white polish.
  3. With a thin brush and a bright pink polish draw some heart. Change the position and dimension of the hearts on each nail.
  4. With the gold polish outline some hearts.
  5. With a dotting tool and a light pink polish make some dots.
  6. Make some smaller dots with the bright pink above the light pink ones. Don't cover them completely.

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